On Coffee.: Jackpot! Then Coffee, Takeaway Coffee, Will Smith’s Coffee Namesake + More JAN. 17, ’18.

look who’s talking


Cafe des Espices

1) “Then he met with his father the following morning for a cup of coffee, officials said.”


2) Kate then went over to talk to one of her police bodyguards and came back with a brown paper bag of the type used by cafes for takeaway coffee and sandwiches. Evening Standard.


3)     “I found this coffee co. in Australia. Two words. I’m suing.” Instagram

I found this coffee company in Australia. Two words: I’m suing.

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4) But it’s no secret that caffeine, which is found in coffee and many teas, can have a disruptive effect on sleep.  GirlBoss

5) I was not allowed to get take-out coffee – my biggest vice and something I was no longer comfortable spending $100 or more on each month. Refinery 29

6) But when you’ve got a battery of that size, there are plenty of other things that you can do with it, like attach a blender attachment to grind your coffee beans. Engadget

7) “South African DJ Black Coffee will play at the popular American music festival Coachella in 2018.” Channel 24


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