On Coffee.: Jackpot! Then Coffee, Takeaway Coffee, Will Smith’s Coffee Namesake + More JAN. 17, ’18.

look who’s talking


Cafe des Espices

1) “Then he met with his father the following morning for a cup of coffee, officials said.”


2) Kate then went over to talk to one of her police bodyguards and came back with a brown paper bag of the type used by cafes for takeaway coffee and sandwiches. Evening Standard.


3)     “I found this coffee co. in Australia. Two words. I’m suing.” Instagram

4) But it’s no secret that caffeine, which is found in coffee and many teas, can have a disruptive effect on sleep.  GirlBoss

5) I was not allowed to get take-out coffee – my biggest vice and something I was no longer comfortable spending $100 or more on each month. Refinery 29

6) But when you’ve got a battery of that size, there are plenty of other things that you can do with it, like attach a blender attachment to grind your coffee beans. Engadget

7) “South African DJ Black Coffee will play at the popular American music festival Coachella in 2018.” Channel 24