On Coffee.: Kansas, Nyeri, Peru, Seattle

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Cortadito, Shepherds Cafe, Miami Florida


:One large study of more than 50,000 women showed that drinking at least a cup of coffee each week was associated with 15 percent reduced risk for depression, and drinking two to three cups per day was associated with 20 percent reduced risk.


:Jessica Easto and coffee guru Andreas Willhoff stare boldly down the rabbit hole of coffee making, then dive in headfirst.


:“There is money in coffee and we can attest to this.


:Jacob likens the coffee table to the original social network. “Coffee is a very powerful medium for people to connect every day.


:KEXP, once an “experimental” radio station that played underground music, got a new home at Seattle Center, and part of that space became a La Marzocco coffee shop and showroom.


:Downtown Topeka needs more coffee and conversation.


:More than 60 people, mostly from the Anglo and Somali communities, crowded into the Community Integration Center in downtown Willmar for the center’s first Coffee with the Community gathering.


:The USDA, which analyses international coffee markets, labels the country [ Peru ] the largest exporter of organic coffee in the world.

Coffee is king in Peru. It’s the leading agricultural export and ranks as the seventh most valuable general export commodity after precious metals, natural gas and oil.


:The physics of coffee.