on Coffee.: Lake Minnetonka, Kentucky, New York, Brazil, May 10, 2017

look who’s talking


coffee and handle

“This whole coffee-shop phenomenon is first and foremost about the quality of the coffee, but also spaces that invite human interaction.” Lake Minnetonka x Hot Coffee and Cool Spaces

“Best local coffee shop/vintage record store in town and the chocolate chip cookies may be laced with crack… don’t quote us on that, but seriously, they’re that good. Trust us.” The Manual x Please and Thank You.

“The morning of my first Derby, I had breakfast in the coffee shop of the old Brown Hotel.” Kentucky Derby x Kentucky

“I poured him coffee and showed him around.” The New Yorker x New York

“The Grand Cru concept has been applied to some 200 tons of coffee in 2016 alone.”  Ipanema Coffees x Brazil