on Coffee.: Look Who’s Talking from California, Kabul, London, Nairobi, Uganda, March 12, 2018

look who’s talking

compiled by cnl

1 :  Coffee is the “best medicine” to cope with the daily grind in the overcrowded, polluted and war-torn city. Kabul

2 : Uganda produces a lot of coffee, but consumes only one million bags a year and the rest is exported. Uganda

3 : Viennese coffee roasters Juilus Meinl are encouraging coffee consumers to pay for their beverage with a poem. London

4 : Two architects write a field guide for coffee lids.

5 : Ciochina said the students, in grades three through five, learn how to count money, make change, read and fill the order, then deliver the coffee.

7 : “I want to see people getting a wider range of vitamins and minerals than just a cup of coffee with MCT oil in the morning,” she says.

8 : “If coffee is deemed carcinogenic, then the State of California will be required to give up all pretense at common sense and sanity.” California

9 : We don’t want a situation where an investor acquires coffee farm to put up houses. Kiambu, Nairobi