on Coffee.: Miami, Mexico, Nairobi, Reno, Paris and More. December 13, 2017

look who’s talking

1) Art Basel

:Henry Taylor’s Sungtae Kim – Drinking coffee in my Chinatown studio (2012) sold @BlumandPoe @ArtBasel Miami for $110,000 #TANsalestally

2) Coffee Auction

:Sasini Company General Manager In charge of Coffee Operations James Muriithi explained that the Gititu grade AA fetched the highest price ever this year beating other societies that offered the same grade.

3) Reno Coffee competitions

:All of our really hard work to prepare for the US coffee roasting championship held in Reno NV…  

: Coffee Champs Reno Results

2018 Reno Roaster Qualifying Competition Ranking

Ranking Name         Company City         Score

1 Evan Inatome               Elixr Coffee             Philadelphia, PA                         129.46

2 Ian Picco                      Topeca Coffee         Roasters Tulsa, OK                    125.67

3 Andrew Oberholzer      Joe Coffee Co         New York, NY                              124.71

4 Taylor Gresham   Evocation Coffee   Roasters Canyon,TX                         122.53

5 Janine Cundy      Joe Bean Coffee   Roasters Rochester, NY                    121.75

6 Evan Schubarth   Switchback Coffee   Roasters Colorado Springs, CO      121.71

4) Cup of Excellence

:The six coffees scoring 90+ tied the Mexico COE for the most presidential awards in the 2017 cycle.

5) Antioxidants and Coffee. 

:We don’t know entirely why it has these benefits, but the evidence suggests there is a synergy between caffeine and the antioxidants in the coffee.

6) Books are alive. 

The Sonia Rykiel flagship on the Left Bank of Paris since 1990, just steps away from Les Deux Magots, a café frequented by literary legends like Simone de Beauvoir and Ernest Hemingway, has 50,000 books sitting on ceiling-to-floor shelves, their spines creating stripes reminiscent of Rykiel’s signature pattern.