on coffee.: Nappuccinos, No Kill Dog Shelters, Coffee Plantations in Chikkamgaluru, Pahala and more. May 8, 2018

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:A productivity expert says coffee naps — ‘nappuccinos’ — changed his life.

:Twenty percent of coffee sales go to no-kill dog shelters, via Grounds & Hounds, an organic, fair-trade coffee company that partners with various organizations all over the country. Minneapolis


:Craving coffee? Check out these 3 new New Orleans spots. New Orleans

:Maybe it was coffee that lead the Colorado Rockies to an 11 to 2 win over the Chicago Cubs Wednesday. Chicago

:This model is important for Kenya. I have no doubt if this works in Meru then other counties will replicate it for the benefit of coffee farmers,” Muriuki said. Kenya


:Farming organic mushrooms from coffee waste providing new work for disability enterprise in Castlemaine.


:“Coffee is a speciality craft, much like a sommelier or a baker,” Eve says. “So you enter a world where you are an expert and you can sit around a table with the CFO of a bank and you will be the expert around coffee.” United Kingdom


:The Newcastle coffee scene has grown immensely in the last 18 months and I think that with that has come a lot of baristas that are just finding that we are a lot better suited to making coffee than the Melbourne baristas,” cafe owner Ken Blackman said. Newcastle


:The life of coffee plants is generally around 40 to 50 years and planters spend years nurturing them, explained DM Shankar, who works in the coffee plantations in Chikkamgaluru. “And when the pests kill the plants, it feels like losing our own child,” he said. India


:“My great-grandfather developed this plantation as an experiment,” says Searle’s great-granddaughter, Merle Becker, owner of Aikane Plantation Coffee Co. in Pahala. “He was one of the first to grow coffee in the Kau district.”


:He said exquisite coffees, such as those which use nigella seeds and chickpeas, should be introduced to the world. Turkey