On Coffee.: Netherlands, Nicaragua, Paris, Pennsylvania, The U.S. Dec. 7th

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Three Seat Espresso and Barber Shop

“If specialty coffee is to break out of its niche, it has to be served in more traditional places.” David Flynn, Belleville Brulerie, AFAR x PARIS Jan/Feb 2017 print

“What to buy a coffee snob according to a certified coffee snob.” FastCo.

“Celebrating internationalism is an intrinsic part of being a specialty coffee professional.” Moncacy Coffee Co. x WORLD

“With the highest per capita coffee consumption in the world, we feel the Netherlands offers a strong growth opportunity for Dunkin’ Donuts given our wide range of espresso-based beverages, including lattes, cappuccino, macchiato and espresso.” QSR x Netherlands

“Parliament Coffee’s farmer, Henry Hueck, provides housing and education for all of his workers and ensures that their families,in addition to the surrounding community, receive regular medical screenings and care.” Community Newpapers x Nicaragua