N.E.W.S. Coffee and Culture Events for September 2-5, 2016

its the weekend.

Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight

Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight

FRIDAY | WORLD | Hear the balance
Americans can enjoy a Labor-less weekend with The Trap, Travis Scott’s latest musical effort dropping on the eve of a holiday that unofficially closes summer and opens fall. Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight premieres on Beats 1 Radio on Friday with cameos by Kid Cudi, Andre 3000, Justin Bieber and more. Listen all weekend.

via Coffee Commissar

via Coffee Commissary

FRIDAY | Los Angeles | Truck Alert

Imitate lunch. While you expand your ideas of contemporary art, pair it with coffee and more with Coffee Commissary’s truck. It’s parked outside the instagrammable outdoor facade which is as much on view as its inside contents. Have a coffee, see art.

via marthalleneun

via marthalleneun

FRIDAY – SUNDAY | Berlin, Germany | Elephant in the room
There’s an elephant in the room, perhaps even five elephants, or just the coffee shop – Five Elephant – named as such as the Berlin Coffee Festival kicks off. Talks, tastings and workshops fill the weekend of coffee centric activities as Berliners. Stay tuned throughout the weekend for the state of coffee affairs.

FRIDAY | Louisville, Kentucky |The thrill is here

Coffee out of doors paired with specialty good out of doors equals a specialty coffee goods shop for the out of doors. Welcome Quest Outdoors to the lifestyle coffee lane as it opens its first shop in help from micro-roaster Quills Coffee.

via Caffe Calabria

via Caffe Calabria

FRIDAY-SUNDAY | San Diego | Pizza Party in the cafe.

There’s more to coffee in a cafe, especially if its North Park’s Caffe Calabria in San Diego. Giving the people more than coffee, its food program brings out a special of “seafoods, salad and desserts” throughout the weekend. Bookmark your palate.

via barista palor twitter

via barista palor twitter

SATURDAY | Nashville, Tennessee | Stretch it out

Find respite with an early morning combination of yoga and coffee. Barista Parlor has sourced the coffee and providing the lawn along with Steadfast and Tru – “loving yoga for the people.” Time for a yoga get down. TIME: 8 a.m.

EVERGREEN | Prospect Heights + Bedstuy, Brooklyn |Craft begets craft

You’ve wanted an extra day to not sleep in, not do nothing, but actually explore something new or just heard-of-cool. Visit Prospect Heights for Daly Pies for pie and coffee by the former and Eastlick Coffee. Eastlick Coffee, founded by Joel Renata Eastlick – a staple in recent years to New York Coffee culture – provides the beans that are roasted and brewed locally.  Or, visit the still newcomers Trade Union Cafe for a taste of Eastlick coffees, now on rotation.


She lives near a volcano in Guatemala. Her name is Maria and the film is titled Ixcanul. Ixancul explores the culture of the Kaqchikel Mayans in Guatemala’s coffee-growing highlands. Maria gets more than ‘more’ when she becomes pregnant while still wanting to escape her Central America country and the wedding of an older man who owns a coffee farm. Weekend viewing.

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