Culture Cooler.: One Premiere, Two Hands and Five Talks. August 15, 2016

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1. New York, New York


dive deep

In the middle of the depth of America’s dog days of summer, a Little Italy coffee shop Two Hands NYC launched its first print collection with League Design. This collaboration of art through the lens of coffee culture brings ocean inspired designs to “explore the human soul and experience,” according to the Brooklyn based creative studio League Design. The ten prints are sized at 18×24 are a call to play. The inner kid is now in attendance.




coffee talk

Playing with puns, coffee has the idea conference – TED – brewed up. In its Innovation section, Kevin-Litman-Navarro published an article with some interesting coffee consumption statistics within the context of five talks to listen to on coffee. From Robert Galinksy’s dramatic treatment of the impact of coffee, a look at the world of London coffeehouses to the cherry beans impact on the world water crisis, enjoy them here.


via @netflix

via @netflix

get up

Grandmaster Flash – a founding father of hip-hop, a pioneer of its music culture and an innovator in dj’ing techniques – is a mentor to a new Netflix show, The Get Down.

Directed by Australian filmmaker, Baz Luhrman, the original series for the entertainment platform, is about a young group of teens living in New York’s South Bronx during the late 1970’s, hip-hop’s early inception years inception years set in musical style. Through the years of coffee’s presence in New York which includes the Bronx. “New Yorkers, drinking more coffee per capita than any other city in the nation,” said Donald Schoenholt, co-founder of the Specialty Coffee Association of America.  Keep an eye on the kitchen scenes and corner bodegas – somethings brewing.