On Coffee.: Durham, Kona, Nicaragua, Panama, Time, July 26.

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“In the wake of Esmeralda’s phenomenal success with Geisha, which had single lots of this coffee smashing auction records for several consecutive years (one buyer claiming to see the “face of God in a cup”). Forbes

“One major perk of my job as a barista is a free half-pound of coffee beans each week, which is worth about $34 per month.“ Refinery 29

“We worked in coffee plantations. It was a first for us.” SwissInfo.ch

“Pure Kona coffee comes from the slopes of Mauna Loa and Hualalai located in the Kona districts of Hawaii on Big Island.” Taste Pure Kona Coffee

“What do terrorist attacks and general social discontent have to do with sales of pizza, coffee, and chic new Prada bags?” Time