on coffee: Boston, London,New York, Spain, USA. September 13, 2016

look who’s talkin’


horchatta latte, with a shot, andante coffee roaster

“In Silicon Valley, it’s become the norm for any fast-growing company to take on investment from venture capital and private equity firms and coffee shops have been no different.” Forbes x Boston

“The documentary offers the usual peek into a world of runway front rows, egos and high glamour, in an office environment dominated by women and fuelled by adrenaline and coffee.”  British Standard x London

“How a buyer at Bergdorfs became a coffee shop owner.” Observer x New York

“Saying ‘please’ and wishing the barista a good morning will get you a coffee for as little as €1.30.” Belfast Telegraph x Spain

“How many of those 270 million dairy cows are required to support our coffee bars and latte habits?” The Little Black Coffee Cup x USA