On Coffee.: Nitro in Charlottesville, Italian Coffee Whipped?, A Gentrified Coffee Apology, Coffee Labels Can’t Claim. Nov. 29.’17

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1: “We have [coffee] farmed by women, sold by women,” Porter says.

2: ‘The quality of the coffee from agroforestry is better than the coffee you get in full sun,’ said Dr Bertrand. ‘It is also better for biodiversity and uses far less pesticide.’

3Certain claims on coffee packaging labels are essentially meaningless.

4:  Coffee united to the polymer has characteristics that no other natural or artificial fiber has been able to provide so far.

5In Italy, you don’t hear the words “grande,” “venti” or “frappuccino.” Coffee is simple and straightforward.

6: “Coffee. Above all else.” Or for most of this year — until Wednesday afternoon.

7: We took the concept of craft beer — experimentation — and we applied it to coffee,” Dierkes said. We wanted to get crazy with styles and flavors.”