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let’s go to Yemen



I popped the tin on a Best of Yemen coffee from roaster Cafe Demitasse. Can I say, it’s wild, And, wild here is an understatement. On the nose I tasted strawberry, key lime pie and pineapple. As I proceeded to prepare the grind, 45 grams in, and nearly 500 grams out, I smelled key lime, pineapple and sage. This coffee was at once sweet but was giving me a savory note. I almost didn’t want to admit to the incongruent smells but then I thought of how complimentary sweet and savory notes can really be. I explored deeper as I brewed it and watched it fill up my ceramic.

In the cup, I experience pineapple pizza, fresh, puffy and savory. I was curious what it would taste like if I opted to add milk to this otherwise juicy coffee. So, I did. To my surprise it didn’t dilute it at all. Instead, it gave the coffee an herb-y brioche flavor. Bring on the dough and a coastal beach courtesy of Pineapple, this 2022 oil on canvas painting by Natalya Laskis which is exactly where this coffee transported me.

This coffee was a limited edition coffee roasted by Cafe Demitasse.