on coffee.: The big ‘Coffee’ picture, Oscar Buzz for a Film with Coffee and more, Dec 15th

and the cofffee is…

espresso at Panther Coffee

espresso at Panther Coffee

Can the flavor of cold brew coffee be optimised using the water mineral content?Assembly Coffee

“The film centers on a Mayan teenager who lives and works with her parents on a coffee plantation at the foothills of an active volcano.” Deadline, Ixcanul

“One big complaint of theirs has been the difficulty of operating what’s, in effect, a mini coffee shop over at the corner of the counter.” Grub Street

“She kept it on her coffee table, next to the hard candies. The Big Picture, 23:45m on Lena Dunham’s grandmother keeping a scrapbook of her mothers writing.”

The non-specialist sector, from pubs to supermarkets, has also increased its emphasis on quality coffee in recent years as consumers’ appetite for the beverage and for the relaxed, social environment of coffee shops has grown. Telegraph

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