coffee:. Life’s a Peach in Honduras | Finca Zulema @ Sightglass





Life’s a peach, in Honduras.

Peaches are quite sweet and juicy. Its hard to bite into a ripe peach without having a towelette nearby to catch its juice.

Now, imagine a moist chocolate cake, you slice into it and its aroma of milk chocolate is released even more. The slice, now cut, leans over, loitering there in its suppleness with confection sugar to the taste of peaches. This is coffee, and this is Sightglass’ Finca Zulema grown by the hands of a woman, Norma Zulema Azucema in the country of Honduras.

You can purchase this coffee and learn more about it at Sightglass. As you do, know that Sightglass has provided its own tasting notes – apple, watermelon and mango – about this Bourbon, Catuai and Pacas, washed coffee. Since, the revolution in coffee is taste, feel free to let your palate guide you, that’s the best part.