on coffee.: Puerto Rico + Maria, A Mosaic Coffee Table, Miami’s Cuban Coffee Windows + more. October, 26,’17

look who’s talking


“We have a good market of the coffee, we have everything, all the coffee chains, but really we don’t have coffee to continue.” Puerto Rico, x NPR”

“Dallas Coffee Day, a daylong festival celebrating Dallas’ growing roster of roasters and specialty coffee shops..” Dallas Observer

“Twelve gifs that sum up what its like to go without coffee.” The Greatist

The result was “Cuban Coffee Windows of Miami,” a picture-rich, 417-page book.” The Miami Herald

“But for much of the past five decades, a 4-by-4 foot piece of mosaic flooring from one of the ships has been sitting in a somewhat prosaic setting, the Park avenue apartment is an antiques dealer where it was used as a coffee table, often to hold a baseball or flowers and occasionally, someone’s drinking glass.” The New York Times