coffee.: Saint Frank’s Little Brother x Wolf’s Brew, Long Beach, CA.

okay to howl


One of my sisters loves brownies. Me, not as much. that is, unless the brownie is a veer from how most people I’ve met like it: dense, chewy semi-sweet chocolate with stout edges

Enter this shot of espresso, that held its stance, with notes of semi-sweet morsels of chocolate with a smooth purple pluot. Two sips in, its juiciness might as well have trickled down the pinkish flesh of my lips because I couldn’t contain my sipping, or, more like I wouldn’t.

Given that this was my first visit to the multi-roaster shop Wolf’s Brew, owned by two brothers, I took a wild but sense memory guess that the treatment of this balanced and flavorful espresso had to be a Saint Frank  coffee.

My barista Jay confirmed my guess. Of course I was happy to be right, but even more delighted that in a city where getting to taste Saint Frank is rarer than I’d like, that I could still pick it out on a shelf of great company all while ‘Don’t Delete The Kisses’ played by Wolf Alice.

I like these wolves.

Espresso: Little Brother