Coffee Seed Oil, Two Minute Coffee and Good Food Awards Coffee Winners

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toyin ojih odutola


  1. Its winter and your skin needs Vitamin D as well as some cuddle therapy. This just launched balm from Em Cosmetics includes coffee seed oil and good for a winter try on. 
  2. Coke with coffee is now herein the United States. But is the uniting of coke and black coffee what America wants?
  3. The Good Food Foundation held its annual awards ceremony for nominated brands achieving excellence in a variety of categories including coffee. We have fourteen multi-regional winners.
  4. Call it a wellness hiatus. Miami’s All Day Mia is taking a months’ hiatus to regroup and reboot after a challenging year of COVID, pivots and restructuring. This culture approves.
  5. To be short on time seems like a novel idea, when there’s so much of it to seemingly go around, facilitating vaccine chasers camping out for leftovers to the work from home population looking for meaning and ritual despite their confines. The New York Times Style Magazine features Osma, a coffee brewer that makes coffee in less than two minutes.
  6. The artist Toyin Ojih Odutola created The Teacup (Study), 2020. The colored pencil and graphite drawing appears on duralar and invokes sipping of all caffeinated things. Picture above via www,
  7. Ready to get away? But bound by travel bans and weary of escaping through the social media scroll. Architectural Digest suggested Accidentally Wes Anderson, the book, for the coffee table. This culture insists upon its acquisition for the visual immersion alone.