coffee.: Sey Coffee, Benti Nenka

there’s something about Benti

Benti Nenka

You are lightweight, like an air infused balloon. Release its grip -the whole bean-and the resulting freedom is wholeness becoming shards with a fruity existence. You flavor the wind with ripening melon, fleshy kiwi and melted cubes of caramel, silky like Thailand’s coconut sugar sap. Wash your scent? No, never.

origin note:

Benti Nenka is a coffee varietal named Ethiopian Landrace from the Gugi region of Hambela, Wamena. This coffee was harvested in October 2019 and it’s the first year that Sey Coffee is working with Guduba wet mill, thus naming the coffee after the Benti Nneka village where the washing station is located.  As well, it’s the first coffee released from Sey this season straight from Gugi’s highlands, 1,925-2,110 masl. The altitude is important as the higher the meters above sea level, the greater a coffee’s ability to flourish in its natural habitat.

Buying this coffee supports native Eyasu Watasu and the 589 shareholders producing coffee delivered to Benti Nneka. This coffee is now sold out.