coffee shop.: Cafe Dulce x MOCA, Little Tokyo

berries in the air 


Cafe Dulce x MoCA, Little Tokyo,

You know, coffee at a museum doesn’t have to be a second thought. for so long, I’ve felt like coffee shops at museums employed coffee that didn’t feel as intentional as the works they’ve curated.

Thankfully, the Museum of Contemporary Art has put the ‘c’ in contemporary ‘coffee’ by enabling the culture to experience ‘a whole lotta goodness’ by Cafe Dulce.

I walked upon my first sight of their mobile bar, admiring wooden slats assembled like an installation. Amuseum + specialty coffee is like the coefficient in an equation, where a variable is no longer unknown.

I had a blueberry matcha, my first combinations of such a kind and it was blueberries afloat and I was a sailin’.  

Here, specialty coffee is now known.