coffee shop.: Five Leaves, Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

oldie but goodie



I’m always going to root for the underdog, the independent. Saying this, makes me wonder sometimes when does an underdog become such. Five Leaves NY is a cafe with the most charming walk-up window that has served Greenpoint for years, right from its corner perch where it straddles Williamsburg.

It’s heartwarming to see this stalwart in the culture with its sidewalk tables, where oysters and specialty coffee are still plated for people who choose to lounge here, commune here and gather here. Its especially remarkable given that a corporate giant now stands across the street and so far hasn’t impacted Five Leaves to shrivel and die.

This afternoon, when I stood there, as evening was coming on, people loitered, the door swung and swung as more people filled into its interiors. Coffee from the walk-up window -my ritual- would become my order of choice to receive a Leadfoot coffee.

A high, high five to Five Leaves.