coffee shop.: Nickel and Diner, New York, NY

got coins?

Can I charge this one to the culture? Ambience is no small thing. In fact, it’s everything. To the extent that, I believe walls carry energy. I mean how couldn’t they, when they are of matter and formed from a human’s hands. So, this cozy corner place previously a Chinese spot which has a cafe front-side-left, and a diner right-side-center-and-rear, is a pleasant vibration to enter into.

First impressions are great. But second ones can be greater because they confirm and affirm your first feelings. @nicobehnzukeh and I went together the first time and met a lady barista who treated us like we walked into her home – mad love. I really liked how the experience felt OmniChannel, if I may. The barista made me feel like there wasn’t a difference between the cafe and the diner. And while there, Nico said, ”I feel like your energy can stop time.” I mean, am I that compelling Nico? Pass the Parmesan fries please, which you should have when you visit here.

I would like to believe that what he felt and I as well,was a combination of forces; kindred energies, the communal effect of a space, a great roaster whose coffee didn’t get lost in the hemp milk, vintage vibes streaming along modernity, and a booth seat worthy of fixation like El to Mike in ‘Stranger Things.’

While the Parmesan fries are something to return for, it’s the cocoon of Nickel and Diner, whose attention to detail makes this charge to the culture worth it.


Nickel and Diner

1 Howard Street

New York, NY