Coffee Shops are Becoming Bodegas, Grocers, and Pantries During Covid-19

turning lemons into coffeeade



Where there’s a will, there’s a coffee way, we hope.

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic affecting the world, I am seeing small yet great light within the tunnel of businesses forced to shutdown, temporarily close and adjust to new technology in order to stay open and salvage some of their revenue during the Coronavirus.

Its heartwarming to see how some specialty coffee shops across America that are able to adapt as well as have the power to provide safe social distancing environments are not only remaining open but shifting their business models to become more than what they were before.

Here at The Coffeetographer, we are witnessing coffee shops that are becoming more than coffee shop – they are becoming grocers, pantries, provisioners and markets.

Here’s a look at five from Miami, Arkansas and California. We will survive or go down trying to.


1. All Day Mia, Miami, Florida

Grocery Relief Fund


All Day Mia, All Day Away via website

The Miami cafe which opened in 2016, by barista Camila Ramos and Chris MacLeod, functions as an open space coffee shop with a ventanita – walk-up window – alongside sidewalk seating. Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, the coffee space is turning itself into a take-out and delivery program to serve the dual purpose of employing its team as well as feeding families, according to its Instagram.

The Grocery Relief includes a full menu and locally-sourced grocery items, it continues, which you can discover and find these at All Day Away. 

The coffee shop is supplying grocery bags with staples that families and households covet in times of need such as these, like bacon, eggs, milk and produce. Breakfast sandwiches are coming home. Learn more about the self-powered, take-out initiative here.

2. Bar Nine, Culver City, California

Bar Nine Provisions


Bar Nine Provisions via website

After deciding to close it warehouse-like doors for the foreseeable coffee future, Culver City mainstay Bar Nine rebounded in just a couple of days with a newsletter announcing Bar Nine Provisions.  

Provisions aims to bring the Bar Nine cafe experience home.  In addition to selling coffee and growers, ts menu starts with a few staples and will be adding more as time goes along according to a newsletter that went out to its subscribers. Pickup is available Wednesday and Saturday 10am – 2pm with curbside delivery available. Looks like we won’t have to miss out on those chocolate chip cookies after all. A dozen for my quarantine family please.

3. Go Get Em Tiger, Los Angeles, California

GGET Pantry


GGET Pantry, via Instagram

The getting has been good. So good that Go Get Em LA has been populating its brand in nearly every major coffee hood around the county of L..A. As it now operates eight locations, with the latest being its Culver City outpost, it has launched GGET Pantry, vending dry goods like rice and beans to drink concentrates, milk and quarts of stock.

These items are available at select locations  with some in limited quantity. GGEt is still taking suggestions for additional pantry items so visit its Instagram account to chime in. While a lot of its spaces are petite and cosy social distancing measures have been put into place limiting small amounts of customers at a time. Go Get It!

4. Onyx Coffee Lab,  Roger, Arkansas

Onyx Delivery Service

The small business roaster and coffee shop that has made a name for itself in the specialty coffee industry for caring about people, systems and all grades of coffee maintains open doors with curbside and walk up window service.

In response to COVID_19, Onyx Coffee Lab as many other coffee shops and roasters are figuring out ways to implement take out options for their customers. Recently, the coffee company implemented Onyx Delivery Service – , three variations on poundage of coffee along with DoughP bread boxes which can include loans, muffins, cookies and butter croissants. You know, the carbs that go great with coffee.


5. Paramount Coffee Project LA,  Los Angeles, California

The PCPLA Bodega


PCPLA Bodega, via Instagram

From Sydney to L.A. this collaboration across continents began in Los Angeles in 2015.  Given that coffee just might be the most important – paramount necessity – to start ones day especially in the time of corona to see how PCPLA is turning its West Hollywood location into a Bodega is the things concepts are made of.  This roaster recently made our list of California roasters to support during the pandemic.

Realizing that it could provide a need where some lacked, its taking its stock of supplies and making them for home as packs. Pass by the location and you can see its pack contents posted against its green ceramic tile. The two current packs are The Isolation Starter Pack $25 featuring goods like biscuits, butter, milk, vegetables and TP. The Fairfax Protein Pack $35, features additional bread and milk options. We ready.


Together, we coffee.