Coffee Shops Are Bottling Drinks in Jugs for Bulk-At-Home Consumption.

get jug-gy with it

Making coffee at home has gone from the quick thing that many did in the morning before commuting to work by bike, car, subway and train to the thing that a nation is finding more time to craft something with more intention given their increased time at home.

Some days, you might want that old ritual back, the one where you could go into the coffee shop, loiter for a while and have your drink, once, twice maybe three times over. While those days aren’t the kind we get to enjoy at present, taking a coffee shops’ spin on a beloved beverage home with us for multiple servings, is getting easier with the rise in drinks bottled in jugs to-go.

So, even when you the stay-at-home mom; work-from-home professional, home-schooled teenager needs a coffee break from your coffee break, jug it out with these independent cafes.

Yes, making coffee at home can be a ritual, often it is. Spending more time at home, affords for ones schedule to accommodate earmarking extra minutes you now have – given back to you from safer at home enforcements. Since many don’t have to take a car ride, subway, or train to work, working from home means you can really make coffee how you want it, when you want it. Here’s ten shops giving it to ya!


image curation via Instagram

1. Black and White Coffee Roasters, Raleigh, North Carolina

Let’s be clear, black and white clear, batched iced coffee is the next best thing, to the best thing being not batched and served as a single origin serving in the coffee shop. With the brand helmed by two specialty coffee fixtures and barista champions in the industry, expect the latte and cold  brew jugs to be just that, special. Order here.

2. Boxcar Coffee Roaster, Rocky Mountains, Colorado

Drink it, chug it, jug it. Boxcar Coffee roaster would like for you to do it all with its Drink in a Jug offering. Allowing consumers to have a taste of the roaster in its home daily, the half-gallon beverage can be prepared as a latte or cappuccino so that you can have it when you want and as many servings as you’d like.  Get a jug here.

3. Dayglow Coffee, Los Angeles, CA

Known for its international coffee offerings and its cool merch – recently featured here – the Echo Park and West Hollywood brand shows up in this list because its jugs feature coffees like Oslo’s Talormade Spain’s Nomad Coffee, brands not often seen on the local shelves of California cafes. These large batches gives you ounces of your favorite roasts alongside a free carton of Califia Farms oat milk, until supplies last.

4. Dune Coffee Roasters, Santa Barbara, CA

All. Day. Long. If that’s how you like to sip on your coffee or matcha then Zap Zippers by Dune Coffee is hoping you’ll turn your attention to their half gallon jugs. Good for your before and after coastal excursions these jug beverages are your favorite taste profiles are freshly prepared and ready to go for as you order it.  Customize your order here.

5Found Coffee, Eagle Rock + LA, CA

I betcha a cold gallon that this is what you’ve been looking for. The Found Coffee trio of jugs is a mood board visual for the cool and calm, that an anytime of the day coffee break can bring.  Founded as a neighborhood coffee shop, its catered to its Eagle Rock community and beyond as a multi-roaster coffee shop known for serving California roasters. One of the few brands offering chai latte, almond and oat, alongside a single origin cold brew, these are especially for the craft lovers that are non-coffee drinkers too. Lead time for the latter is a day. Find them here.

6. Kindness and Mischief, Highland Park, CA

Fresh off a four-year anniversary market, woman-owned Kindness & Mischief Coffee, is a multi-roaster coffee shop slinging 64 oz jugger lattes and brews. The juggers come in six different variations including matcha lemonade. Each jug is stamped with a date for its creation ensuring that customers receive it at its freshest Order as a single or part of a pantry option.  Get it here.

7. Monogram Coffee, Alberta, Canada

Out of Calgary, Alberta Canada, and home to the 2020 Canadian Barista Champion, Jill Hoff, Monogram Coffee has opened its drink offerings despite temporarily closing its doors during Covid-19.  Serving its community with drinkable options to go, its jugs fill containers to the hues of taupe, caramel and cola, featuring drink options such as cold brew, condensed milk latte, nut milk and cold lattes. Explore them here.

8. Narrative Coffee, Everett, Washington

If roasted coffee can rest so can jug lattes. Based in Everett, Washington Narrative Coffee enters the jug wave with four flavors. Operating through preorder during Covid-19 its slinging plain, vanilla, mocha and bourbon butterscotch making specialty coffee by minimal bulk look cool. Enjoy cold or heated  here.

9. Narrative Coffee, Fort Myers, Florida

A coffee shop by the same Narrative name is just as sweet, don’t you think? This Narrative, by way of Fort Myers holds it weight in ounces with jugs of Oat milk Latte and Cold Brew in 64 and 128 ounces.  Cool off the days’ sweat or quench the on-coming summer months heat with these options that are sure to hold you for a couple days at a time. Get it here.

10. Pretty Bird CoffeeYardley, Pennsylvania

Iced Coffee at home is a beautiful situation. Pretty Bird Coffee recently launched its jug program.  According to Instagram, the response was so overwhelming that it sold out of its available bottles.  Four flavors across three types of milk – whole, oat and skim – compliment their cold bottled program. Stay tuned for when they’ll be back in stock and ready to fill up your fridge.

See you at home.