The Coffee Stories, Cafè Demitasse, SS’17

Welcome to El Salvador!

From El Salvador to Hollywood, CA

If trees could talk.

If trees rooted at the altitude of 1500 MASL could talk they’d say they are protecting their pride: cherries that hang from their leaves.

If trees could talk, under the care of husband and wife – El Salvador Finca Siberia – they’d say their love yields relationship branches, where coffee beans are shaded entirely from the sun so that they are red ripe at the picking.

And, if trees could talk, they would suggest that when these cherries, produced on Finca Siberia from the Apaneca-Ilamatepec mountains are transported to the Western world to be roasted in a Cafè Demitasse coffee shop, that you might enjoy it as a pour over, in the great outdoors, under a shady tree of course.

Taste the tropics.

Cafe Demitasse x El Salvador Finca Siberia