The Coffee Stories.: El Salvador, Finca Siberia for Cafe Demitasse. September 5th.

Welcome to El Salvador!

When Coffee Goes High, Culture Goes Too.


El Salvador Finca Siberia

From Apaneca, El Salvador To Los Angeles, CA | 4,542 km

It would be thirty revolutions around my timepiece, before the sun, like a two-fleshed skinned grapefruit of ruby pink and yellow, would disappear from the onset of an evening sky. It would be the push of a lever and the lighthearted feet of a barista dripping coffee into a vessel, for me to taste a honey processed coffee from the heights of mountains where clouds play.

This coffee held the color of ruby like my evening sun; tasted like semi-sweet plum, deepened by a mature Bing cherry, with a twist of lime in the finish. It settled, smooth, like a sky acquainting itself with its new darkness only to realize it’s been enraptured by stars. Stars, like Rafael and Carmen, the producers of El Salvador Finca Siberia, who created a cherry without fault. El Salvador Finca Siberia x Café Demitasse.