The Coffee Stories. October 7, 2015

Welcome to El Salvador, Ethiopia, India and Costa Rica!

collage, Hammer Museum @bouquetofparentheses,

Let There Be Light and Aah


From Apaneca, El Salvador To Los Angeles, CA | 4,542 km

Up so high, up so Apaneca high, mountains punch pillows of air and coffee cherries hum on small squares, ascending from fruit punch coated houses. On a day-long date, a man named Bobby met a coffee washed in pineapples and short bread. A dozen hundredths meters and more above sea level, his heart, oxygenated by the tale of a finance man turned farmer, fertilizing new dreams with biochar and cascara, he was gone, so far gone, direct trading : El Salvador Finca Argentina x Cafe Demitasse. 


From Borena, Ethiopia To Chicago, Illinois | 12, 536 km

I’m hi-fi lilac floating in melted butter. My carobs powder black plums. Taste my cherry, taste the sun. And oh, I sing; I’m alive, a flower flying the bright of the dark. I am aroma, purple; I am Oroma, people – six-hundred seventy soiled hands.  Raise a toast, raise a toast, I am notes, oh I am alive : Ethiopia Borena Borboya x Passion House Coffee Roasters.


imageFrom Araku Valley, India To Lancashire, UK  | 11, 434 km

There are traditions that aren’t ours. There are temperatures and terroir that are. We are tribal farmers, small and mighty, the adorned fringe of a new foundation. We are valley dwellers emerging from land and rivers, where none else have come. We are natural; we are native, we are now flickering in our evergreen emerald valleys : India Mandal, Gems of Araku x  J. Atkinson & Co.


Santa Elena Costa Rica Estate

Santa Elena Costa Rica Estate

From Tarrazu, Costa Rica To Seattle, Washington | 7,280 km

Once upon a time, a girl grew up bouncing coffee cherries and not dollies. As she grew from girlhood to a lady of the coffee scape in the highlands of Costa Rica, her obsessions included the miniature precious dolls of coffee: the peaberry. Muscles never had it so easy to induce her wild smiles and of those favoring the – so crisp and so citric clean : Santa Elena Estate Peaberry x Broadcast Coffee.



*The leading image titled ‘Let there be Light and Aah’ references an exhibition on view at The Hammer Museum and an image captured from Misha Nonoo’s Insta-Show – a fashion show debuting only on Instagram – for Spring Summer 2016, the first of its kind. Both images reflect the idea of the increasing light within the culture of specialty coffee and how minds as well as palettes continue to search for an ‘Aah moment.’

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