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I think we’ve discovered a new planet: Style.

on a creative morning in new york…

“Space, is the place for me” so said, Lucianne Walkowicz at the New York  Creative Mornings[7.26]

I introduced this new series documenting coffee x creative mornings, the monthly breakfast series created by  Tina Roth Eisenberg. This month’s theme – space – incited a a talk on science as a human undertaking; our first experiences with science, and space more than an idea of more than immaterial property in a very tangible world.

Thus, the style that caught me, seemed to subconsciously speak to how creatives, in attendance, chose to fill their personal space with distinct style choices while they waited for entry into Galapagos Art Space. From a pair of socks and shoes, to a clutch from spain and a pair of flats coming undone from within, what a stylish space it was because,  “where there is coffee, there is style.”

See you in August.

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