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by the ‘fall’ of it

on a creative morning in new york…

“It created a place in my heart that is not everyday awake,” Adah Behir. Creative Mornings[8.28]

Ideas are awake, always.  With eyes wide open, attendees walked cobblestone roads that led the way to a morning with littleBits founder and CEO, Ayah Bdeir.

For September, the theme was connect. As an uber-maker, Bdeir talked about the goal of littleBits, “to put the power of electronics into everyones hand.”

Her talk, laced with short, amusing videos was like visual caffienation for the early morning set. What especially warmed my inner creativity, were the questions she asked along the way, like; “Could it be possible that light, sound or motion be a material? What if we made window displays that were interactive? We live in New York, what if we go to MOMA and test our idea?”

Ideas become realities when we ask a small question, and answer it. It is as Bdeir says, “little bits make global things.” So, here are touches of attendees outer style – closed toe shoes, and a layer or two – that signaled a little bit more is coming – fall, because, “where there is coffee, there is style.”

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