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on a creative morning in new york…

“Play happens everywhere, not just at the park,” Darrel Hammond. Creative Mornings. [8.28]

In a back-to-back creative morning, Galapagos Art Space welcome many back into its home where Kaboom’s founder Darrel Hammond, caught hearts by beginning with a video of children participating in various forms of play – October’s theme. As a young girl narrated words like, “I believe that boxes can fly, I believe in falling down and getting back up,  I believe in skinned knees, I believe in play,” the theme was made ever clearer with enormous doses of wonder in the air.

His talked focused on his initial goal of community building which later turned into building better places of play. “The best type of play for kids is all types of play.” For a child, play is about how muddy they can get, and for adults, its about expression.

This thought lingered with me as I prepared to exit Galapagos and I wondered, how can I get dirty in playing with this project of capturing style. So, I got low, as in, to the ground.  How interesting it was to discover a theme of movement in these takes. Minus a couple snaps included from before the talk started,  these are the shots of me playing around, often with time enough for one snap or two before they were hurriedly off to  their next destination.

And, yes afterwards, there was a little asphalt dirt on my pants, but it sure was fun, because “where there is coffee, there is style.”

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