On Coffee.: Bon Appétit, LA Weekly, Scandal, Southside Coffee, The Guardian, March 29.

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Round K

Round K

“Silverlake is a hot spot for coffee.” LA Weekly

“And the clincher: a fiendishly good concoction consisting of maple syrup, Dijon mustard, and George Howell coffee grounds emulsified with oil and egg yolks into a thickish “breakfast mayo.” Southside Coffee x New York Magazine

“I don’t have time to bring the coffee anymore.” Scandal, Episode I See You

“The coffee capsules brand promoted by George Clooney, is to open its first UK cafe in London this summer.” The Guardian 

“To Berliners, kaffee und kuchen the afternoon pause for coffee and cake is a sacred ritual of daily life… at cheery Five Elephant in the Kreuzberg neighborhood, stop for a single origin cup. Bon Appétit April, Print