Coffee and The Emmys, An Ultimate Prop





The ultimate prop: coffee.








Give you a scene, any scene, could you spot the coffee? At home in the kitchen, at work on a desk, in the living room on a coffee table or among hands. Coffee is an indubitably prop in the art of film and television.

This year the Emmys, will air tonight, crowning actors, and shows with a ‘best’ in their category. Whilst this culture is all for the recognition of the Arts, the excitement is indubitably ours for the inclusion of coffee as a culture, yes, a lifestyle.

This year we look a few shows, and one specifically, Mad Men, which began its run in the sixties the same decade the famous Greek “Anthora” coffee cup was designed by Leslie Buck, now an iconic symbol of New York City life.

Here’s some of our favorite shows and coffee moments in this years’ list.
1. Blackish. Team Johnson, Team Coffee

It’s fitting that a work room would have coffee and adjoining mugs because working people drink coffee. It’s fitting that a kitchen would have a coffee maker on its countertop because a kitchen is where food is stored and coffee is a food. Hint Hint. Its fitting that families will have family conversations over the dining room table and coffee would be a member. And, it is also fitting that an office would make a coffee run, now spilling it is another thing. All these situations are evidenced in the below clip, and Emmy nominated actor.  And yes Shaq, black people drink coffee.

2. Better Call Saul, Coffee Sings 
For when coffee makes a wonderful cameo with its beloved friend, music, look to nominated Drama Series Better Call Saul which featured the 1966 song by Galt MacDermot ‘Coffee Cold’ in episode 8, ‘Rico’. This  American television drama series created by Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould is famously said to be a prequel/spin-off of Breaking Bad. Enjoy the music below.

3. Downton Abbey, Up and At ‘Em
To count the number of times that coffee and tea make an appearance in Downton Abbey – The Masterpiece drama –  on PBS would be a feat indeed. So, we’ll save our time here.  For now,  this scene from the premiere episode from season 4, aired on Jan 5, 2014 embodies a signature moment for the cast of the show. Often, the cast has coffee and tea, and here it occurs in multiple functions, being a part of a set up at the communal servants table, a stand alone on an end table in the back drop, and then, the subject of coffee itself as part of societal conversation, which in this scene centers around the lifestyle of a nanny and the rigors of being so.

Everyday life conversation happens around everyday things and Downtown Abbey knows and scripts this so well. Congrats Fellows and the team.

4. Mad Men, But first, coffee. 

There’s Joan at Holloway Harris at work in her house; Roger is in a café, Betty is in a kitchen with coffee, a cigarette and the paper while, Peggy works in her office, known for its emblematic coffee cups situated on her cabinets.


Home, work and the third place are all ever present, all  playing such important roles in the decades of this show. Coffee is a mad world and we love it.

Enjoy the Emmys!