film.: Coffee The Web Series Wants to Legalize Coffee



I received a direct message on Instagram from a handle named ‘Coffee The Web Series’ about three weeks ago. Thanks to the time stamp of dm’s that let you know when you recieved a message especially if some have falling through the crack. No coffee pun intended.

This web series is about two young men – Max & Beans – who lose their jobs but realize that another job might be more lucrative – selling coffee, since its a legal drug and everyone wants it.  This series feels like a Donald Glover’s Atlanta, more sub-cutlured and and even more independently made, trailing the journeys of two young men who won’t give up on their salesmanship or their hoods by taking over their pockets and maybe a couple of coffee dime bags in the interim to new found entrepreneurial success.

I literally chuckled at some of their musings:

  • splitting a value meal that comes with a two liter of soda
  • we could go to the gentrified neighborhoods or stick to the hood
  • coffee is a drug, lets not play this game again

and at some of the scenes,

  • going through an off brand mart looking for coffee to sell
  • against a graffiti’d wall in the hood
  • in the hallways of a building

Check it out.