coffee + thrift in Guatemala

coffeetographer_prettyinthrift_stumptowncoffeeroastersOn Stefany and I’s second trip, we traveled to the West Village in Manhattan to visit Stumptown Coffee Roasters.  We attended a public cupping of one coffee brewed a few ways and then chose our own prepared via Chemex. Cue the feminine energy, because it sure did arise in us!  A saunter across the street to Monk Vintage was the perfect stop on our journey to sartorialize our feelings with a fashion piece.

Coffee Shop: Stumptown Coffee Roasters 

Coffee: Guatemala Finca El Injerto, Bourbon [Direct Trade]

Coffee Notes: Am I in a dream world? You’re so uncommon, yet familiar. I breathe you in and you light my petals.

Stefany’s Coffee Notes: You’re such a sweet thing. You whispered flowers on my nose, and that’s when I knew fragrance could talk.

Thrift Store: Monk Vintage

Thrift Notes: pretty woman, blooming

Thrift Find: Super[girl]power.  As soon as I saw you -suspenders- I knew you were mine. You’re an accent to a style that I already know, florals and stripes – cross the pattern and keep close to my heart. I’m at once caught up and no, I am not looking for a savior.

Stefany’s Thrift Notes: Sweet, smooth, hint of flowers

Thrift Find:  Super[girl]power.  With florals on my heart, it didn’t take long for my search to bring me to patterns and prints. The warm red and docile creams of this Italian needlepoint travel bag was a visual passport to Guatemala. That’s where I am, with a few, delicate weekend getaway essentials.


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