coffee + thrift in Ethiopia



On Stefany and I’s first trip we traveled to Williamsburg to visit our friends at Toby’s Brooklyn. Our mission was simple, cup coffee, experience its feelings, capture its mood and let it influence how we then thrifted at a local vintage store in the neighborhood, which became Stella Dalls. Below is our travel journal of the coffee we felt, the thrift we connected with and the sounds we heard in these spaces along our journey.

Coffee Shop: Toby’s Estate Brooklyn

Coffee: Ethiopia – Nyeri Kenya, Gatombaya

Coffee Notes: There’s a deep husk in your scent that cuddles my thoughts. Pleasantly disoriented, I am yours and you are mine. Now, stillness comes.

Stefany’s Coffee Notes: You demanded my attention. And, once you had me, you gave me warmth like a blanket – balanced, cozy and sweet but not overpowering.

Thrift Store: Stella Dallas

Thrift Notes: rugged, aged, close.

Thrift Find: An oversized leather vest by Open Road – Made in Korea – with tassles that swing and shimmy. With you on, I’m again in grandpa’s backyard. We rock slow, we rock steady in a wooden chair. Memories of him, of us, float in the air. My arms in, are his around me, around thee Gatombaya.

Stefany’s Thrift Notes:

Thrift Notes: masculine, warm, comforting.

Thrift Find:  Boy’s vintage plaid shirt that settled me right into my element.  I put it on and I’m far from Brooklyn. I’m camping in the woods, sitting by a fire, roasting marshmallows. The shirt’s masculine and utilitarian qualities are so easy and feel so right, they settle me right into the dead of winter, equipped to take on whatever it may bring.

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