coffee.: Tilt Coffee Bar, Downtown LA, August 2017

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pour over, Tilt Coffee Bar

It’s clear as day and so is the glass that squares this café into a kiosk in between buildings and lawns of grass, that tilting to doing the same, differently wins.

I walked into Tilt Coffee, a kiosk coffee bar in Downtown L.A. I felt taken away with the space that had as yet to let down its shades and shade the interior from an oncoming afternoon sun bath.

I was greeted by a pure setup whose simple intentions were clear: coffee, by espresso and filter; connection, by hands and craft, interchange, by one person and a glass box of transparency.  All these feelings were like propositions, like a menu of emotional offerings and it was mine for the choosing. I chose them all as coffee is always providing a container to feel something.  It is this ability for a space to instigate emotion and a story before even consuming a beverage that entangles my thoughts, leaving me to parse them into words to describe the experience.

I did have sips of this pour over crafted from Heart Coffee Roasters. Then, I found ultimate comfort with a cappuccino, perching myself in my pair of flared denim bell bottoms and flowered platforms at the window seat facing the west.   I held my cappuccino with all intention of nursing it and I did, through nutty foam that slid into rose flavored milk bottomed by a dark berry juice.  It was silky, putting me into a position of ‘fall come quick, and bring me a throw while at it.’

Coffee Shop: Tilt Coffee Bar

Location: Downtown L.A.