coffee.: Two East Coast Coffee Companies Release Coffees to Honor Black and Brown Lives

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Brandywine Coffee Roasters, Sey Coffee Roasters

Two independent coffee roasters, off the East Coast of the United States, whose coffee I’ve bought to grace my shelves during the spring and now summertime of undergoing the worlds current pandemic, have added coffee to their line-up that supports the lives of black and brown humans.

Delaware’s Brandywine Coffee Roasters and New York’s SEY Coffee are respectively using their shopping platforms and social media to share the story of two coffees, whose proceeds go towards local initiatives in their roasting cities that advance efforts towards civil liberties.

Brandywine Coffee Roasters has named its release Stand For Justice Black Lives Matter. The coffee originates from Burundi in Africa.  The suggested tasting notes of green apple, caramel, slight citrus and peaches sounds like an idyllic summertime combination, one that could have us hauling sourced fresh fruit, to enjoy our home out of doors or a socially beach hang, in the back of a ride whose hatch allows us to take in the breath of life. $21

SEY Coffee partners with the founder of the visual movement named Street Dreams, with the SEY x Street Dreams release. In this iteration of SEY’s simplistic brand design, the coffee card is black detailing the coffee’s origin country, varietal and process history.  As the coffee brand aims for price transparency and inclusion in cost and coffee sourcing, its partnerships show that such intention continues beyond the soil to the street. Notes of melon and bright tropical fruits should be a welcome delight from the Uraga, Gugi region to help us continue the heavy lifting of what is dear to our individual hearts. $30


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