on coffee.: America, Cuba, Prague, June 21, 2016

look who’s talking

“The maps compare the number of gun retailers in an area with coffee, burger, and pizza chains, and as you’ll see, the guns more than hold their own.” FastCo x America

“They said “don’t open any more coffee shops in Vinohrady”, so the duo behind Coffee Break & Cake went ahead and did just that.” Think Prague x Prague

“He’s [Vince Staples] sipping coffee procured from an exceedingly fancy office espresso machine.” Fader

“This [reserve in the Sierra del Rosario, just west of Havana ] had been exploited and destroyed over the past 200 years by coffee plantations, overgrazing, and deforestation before it was converted into a social project, re-forested, and later used very successfully for ecotourism.” Repeating Islands x Cuba

“There are several VC funds and accelerators that focus specifically on food these days and millions of dollars in equity funding continues to flow into healthy meal kits, coffee, and other food-focused startups.” Eater