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let there be flight.


espresso, Kindness & Mischief, Highland Park

The first time the  Wright brothers – Orville and Wilbur – flew, it was just for twelve seconds.  Yet, it all started with small experiments in a bicycle shop in Dayton, Ohio. It takes about double and up to triple that initial flight time, to pull shots of espresso, a process that begins with dialing in – experimenting if you will, with an extraction of beans by water pressure for a most excellent shot.

One can’t be afraid to experiment, because we know that experimentation breeds innovation. There is something that I can’t quite get my hand on about this Take Flight Coffee espresso shot. Perhaps, that’s why I’m writing about it, I’m still trying to find the words, the story. What I do know for now, is that – and thanks to subliminal thoughts of the brand name playing on my consciousness – in three sips and maybe double those seconds. It was fleeting and beautiful; I wish it lasted longer. And then, Crash, by Usher played. I wasn’t ready to go, I was somewhere, where basil was like a sail in the wind on a boat of blueberries and peaches floating atop. The power of seconds still remains.

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