Where to Coffee…In The Bay

Hint: Follow the light.

I took a quick trip to the Bay area of California.  There’s so many shops to visit and see. On this visit, I was drawn to spaces where the light was. I invite you to walk the streets along with me, for where to coffee…in the Bay.

Saint Frank  Russian Hill

Look for where the outside chairs mingle and script lettering evokes a time of yesteryear. Upon doing so, you’ve arrived at a novel expression of coffee and space.

Longer than it is wide, you’re walking into spaciousness. There is a hum to it’s inward parts, which I quickly surmised is just the people inhabiting it as well as the soul of its Saint giving honor to what he believes, “coffee isn’t just coffee.”

As a bi-level space, hideaway in the back, or find privacy up top where the view is picturesque and the music, treated minimally accentuates its ambiance.

Order: The Cappuccino.  It’ll be gone as soon as its got.

Welcome to the street, indoors.

There is movement all around, from the left bar, the middle coffee line, to the bobbing heads along side its right wall where everyone from dogs, couples, solo drinkers and little children align themselves.

Sit where your back faces the rear so you can people watch and simultaneously veer into the middle coffee making compound.  You’ll find it hard to not to get lost in this shops’ swing while sitting in your stride. Here, coffee culture truly has a distinctive beat and its rhythm leaves your attention at a welcomed deficit.

Order: A Pour-over. Straight up and simple.

Standing wide and tall, the Morse Code building is a signal for something that Marvin Gaye would sing thats ‘going on’.

With just a little easel announcing it is Blue Bottle, a walk inside is like entering a chocolate factory except its coffee and all the toys and tricks of making great coffee and the machines that make them are housed here.

By pass the scattering of seats, for the long communal table recessed in front of the espresso repair station. There you can take in its breadth and find room within too – its a great third space.

Order: The Cascara Tea

Things are going to be more than alright when the bloom of nature takes your nose by its nostrils and kindly tickles, as you walk down a street.

This is the sensory walk you’ll experiencing approaching a residential Mission street where Sightglass is like a well-drawn coffee shop out of a Parisian city guide.

The antiquity of music from an oldish-like radio plays tunes – Bobby Day’s ‘Rockin Robyn’ was on while I was there –  light is allowed to rush in without the least thought of scarcity and the tile you stand on is a mosaic of art within itself.

Including the aura of the baristi behind the bar, all is beautiful here.

Order: The Cappuccino. Have it alfresco.