on coffee.: Five on Tue | February 17, 2015

via Vox.com

via Vox.com


They talked coffee.

Inside stands Polly Jean Harvey, dressed entirely in black, dark hair framing her face, deep in conversation with Alain Johannes (cradling a battered cigar box guitar) and producer Flood (cradling a cup of takeaway coffee). Billboard

“Yet for all the summer magic that the coast brings, it still largely lacks great coffee.” Bill Walsh, Honest Cooking

“It’s the elixir of life, the combater of sleep, and most importantly (the northern folk understand this) the beverage keeping us warm these winter mornings. It’s coffee.”  Kayla Ciruolo, Paste Magazine

“Somewhere, a regular iced coffee weeps.” Stacy Adimando, Refinery 29

“All coffee shops are not created, built, or frequented equally in these United States.” Vox


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