on coffee:. Five on Tue | March 24th

coffee cherries, pereira

coffee cherries, pereira


The things people talk about when they talk about coffee.

1. “Intended to poke and perhaps provoke some thoughts, the exhibition will raise questions, notions, perspectives, opinions and ideas all in the setting of an Ekkamai coffee shop.”  Coconuts Bangkok + I Am Reggie Black 

2. “This morning, the James Beard Foundation announced its nominees for the Books, Broadcast & Journalism Awards — a long, comprehensive list of writers, critics, videographers, editors, and chef-authors.
A Film About Coffee
Director: Brandon Loper
Producers: Dalia Burde and Brandon Loper
Airs on: vimeo.com/ondemand/afilmaboutcoffee.” Grub Street

3. “Once we’ve had a coffee – then the world changes a little.” Jim Seven

4.”For us coffee is more than just caffeine, its something that’s really special.” Kevin Bohlin x Fever Tree mixers

5. “Waking up in this beautiful old house, having coffee and time to write, and then having nice weather, going for a walk, practicing my instruments, meeting up with someone to work on one of the projects I’m doing, and playing a show that night,” Thayer Sarrano. Urban Outfitters
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