Culture Cooler: Three Things To Talk About From the Wknd [2.2]

Verve Alfresco

Verve Alfresco


Downtown L.A. expanded with the artistry of specialty coffee this past weekend as Verve Coffee Roasters, a Santa Cruz specialty coffee roaster opened its doors with teeming greens, wood-decked open space and a juice partnership with Juice Served Here.

As a multiple Good Food Award winner and known supporter of specialty coffee competitions, it’s exciting to see Los Angeles have another coffee storefront, among many others, providing consumers an opportunity to explore taste in coffee.



This is a year of anniversaries. Caffe Vita announced its 20th in January, Blue Bottle Coffee announced its tenth as well – Hayes Valley Location. On the heels of February, this past weekend, Counter Culture Coffee, a North Carolina company and a leader in specialty coffee announced socially that it too was having an anniversary – 2015 marks its twentieth year in the special coffee industry.

To add talking points to the news, it grammed a video clip of its own members and their joy of the special news. A special nod to their new recyclable boxes rolled out for their Underdog series – “coffees generally overlooked for top quality coffee – and limited release coffees. Drinking coffee just got a little more sustainable.

THREE: Super Bowl 49  x WORLDWIDE

“It’s an emergency,” the woman says. As a camera takes a tour through the home of the caller, one sees signs of life, but of a domestic life disturbed.

In the kitchen, there is a sink full of dishes, and a coffee mug to the right. In the bedroom, the bed is undone, and a coffee table to the right on the nightstand. As normal as these scenes seem with life being lived, coffee consumed, domestic violence isn’t normal nor should it be inserted into any human’s routine. A cupUp to No More – a NFL organization working to combat domestic violence – and the Joyful Heart Foundation for sharing this as a commercial during one of the most watched events of the year. May our lives and our homes be safe and healthy.

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