a july series | an affogato in brooklyn : red horse cafe

a sundae glass gets dressed with ice cream and a double

ristretto as it heels.  this Red Horse Café combination is a

sartorial scoop of memorable cool.

for two years and counting, the affogato has taken the summer spotlight here.

“an affogato is a combined balance of espresso and ice cream so that the espresso doesn’t get lost. espresso isn’t a topping,” said Carolina Whitson, who with husband Brent, owns   Red Horse Café.

with that in mind, the nearly  dozen SoCo Creamery ice cream flavors,are meant to compliment the coffee, theirs is provided locally by Crop to Cup Coffee.

I scan the menu and its advertised flavors; heath, mint chip, ginger, red velvet, early grey,  ooh, I love Earl Grey tea, so I settle on the flavor.

next I watch a  few calculated steps: scooping an ounce of ice cream, letting it rest in the freezer, prepping the espresso, and finally allowing the double ristretto shop to run over the ice cream. Carolina says of the last step, “this way the espresso can meet the glass and circle the ice cream.”

I’m delivered an earl grey heap, surrounded by a sea of espresso. I dive in and quickly plunge to its bottom.  an. aftertaste of goodness floats me to an invisible top; there I wade and so will you.  Note: Life-coffee-vest not needed.

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