City to City:. Three Art Shows To See Now

Park City, Utah

Artist: The People

Series: Sketches + Polaroids

Coffee Shop: Four Barrel x Airbnb

Because, what really is a stranger when we’re bound by so many commonalities. For the last week during the Sundance Film Festival, a simple and lovely human scheme has been afoot.
Visitors to the AirBnB Haus, take their photo by Polaroid and  put it in an envelope. In return they draw another strangers photo that’s been sealed in an envelope. All the pieces are hanging in the ‘Haus’.
If in Park City, please dance over and get a coffee too.
Los Angeles

Artist: Bradley Theodore

Series: Murals

Coffee Shop: Alfred Coffee [ In the Alley ]

On the place of Melrose and among an alley, mustards, pinks and deep reds are part of the color trope for recent mural drawings by New York artist Bradley Theodore. As he says, “art brings people together.” So if in L.A., but first coffee and art.

 London, England

Artist: Edén Barrena 

Series: Monoprints

Coffee Shop: Taylor Street Canary Wharf 

Otherworldly and instantly inviting, Eden’s use of color and stroke is playground of emotions. With perceptible features, expressed emotion, one face can take you to a thousand places. Buckle up.

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