where to coffee…in Austin [Texas]

Hint: Look for the houses.

Music is a balanced seesaw for coffee culture. I, as the coffeetographer™ went to South by SouthWest to curate it.  This week, your invited to walk the streets along with me, for where to coffee…in Austin.

Its title is as much a definition as it is an ethos of a welcoming home.

Upon arrival, this East of Austin adobe greets you as if it is plucked out of a mini-forest with abundant trees, grassy greens and natural seating.

Inside, each set of its four walls are curated for the lifestyle of its quarters including vintage in the living room and coffee in the kitchen.

This space breathes like a house of intriguing curiosities, a place where “it makes sense – each room has a specific function and coffee it goes hand in hand,” said owner, Jill Bradshaw.

Culture is your welcome mat. Come on by, ya’ll.


What colors lies here?

Cenote is drawn like a page in a coloring book whose lines are filled in with a myriad of unconventional crayons.

The day I visited its indoors were closed for a private function. However, a touring of the space and multiple peeks inside left an indelible feeling upon my memory, just as the historic house itself has in history.

It’s a place where one wants to stand on its ground, sit on its deck, and that owners Cody Symington and Mary Jenkins will leave a light on when it gets dark.

Lets drink up.


Coffee can have a higher purpose.

Tom’s Roasting creates monumental exchange with just one bag of coffee purchased one week of clean water to those in countries where its beans our sourced.

I found a deeper love for the gift of having coffee with a purpose in a quaint nook of a house where warmth, cheer and design hugged me. With M83 playing, ample seats in Toms’ yards, I found myself wanting another cappuccino on the land where sun shades and shines.

Go for the cause. Stay for the coffee.

 Lavazza Espression

In the South West, a storefront being empty is a good sign when its interior is full.

Getting lost in downtown led me to find respite with a creamy cappuccino in this boudoir space. It was an ideal accompaniment to a windy evening. However, the true coffee coupling belonged to the well-curated musical showcase in the front foyer.

Gabriel Wolfchild incited goosebumps.

With lyrics to a song called ‘Fate’ the respite one takes in coffee shops had a purpose, capturing verses like, “The kind of blue in the sky that makes you want to fly.”

Come on…da-da-da-da… sip and soar.