Culture Cooler:. Three Things to Talk About From the Weekend | 1’26’15


ONE: Downton Abbey

The PBS period show by Julian Fellows took home a SAG Award for Outstanding Performance by Best Ensemble Drama. Yes, people are wonderful characters. In honor of them and the other character that often finds itself in many a scene is the historic liquid of caffeine, in tea and coffee. Carried along staircases, placed across tables, a border between men, on silver trays, in ceramic, in porcelain,  delivered on engraved trays, between collared dresses and three-pieces suits, coffee and tea are quite the characters –  as much a ritual and routine as the human interactions occurring in Downton.


Elabrew Truck, Instagram


As specialty coffee gains wider palate prominence, so does its existence in pop culture. This weekend it came in the eyesight of art on a truck, by ElaBrew in Santa Monica. Find this truck and the entire team – including artist Joerael Elliot’s beauty – canvassing Los Angeles and beyond. This week, it took its art and coffee to the set of Fox’s New Girl. To see specialty coffee continue to enter new frontiers such as this is something to talk about.


via @Airbnb, Twitter

via @Airbnb, Twitter

Sundance Film Festival, with a full screening week ahead, got the first weekend of festivities off to a beautiful caffeinated start. With a host of coffee related events, film and culture occurring, it was nice to see Airbnb hosting free coffee – Four Barrel Coffee – for those at its ‘Haus’ where a bevy of cultural programming was also in effect. After all, when watching movies all day every day is like, your life for the better of a week, what better way to have community and make those around you #OneLessStranger, than by sharing a cup of coffee. Check out the ‘Haus’ campaign here.