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Felix Coffee Roasting, Manhattan, NY, 2019

1.The Lower East Side’s coolest breakfast spot is a casual coffeehouse serving intensely flavorful Chinese-influenced Malaysian dishes known as Nyonya cuisine, loaded with anchovies, shrimp paste, and fish sauce. New York

2.Coffee is often produced in current or former conflict regions, and its economic vitality adds to the risk. Congo

3.Mr. Sette adds that while the world coffee industry sees revenues over $200bn each year, only $20bn reaches producing countries and ultimately, less than 10% of that reaches growers. World

4.Specialty coffee came to Lisbon recently, but the industry is more than making up for lost time. Lisbon

5.My husband usually brings me coffee while I am in bed, but he was not here and so I slept through my alarm and didn’t get anything. No coffee, no dog cuddles — nothing. New York

6.Two German tourists have been told to leave Venice after they were reported to police for brewing coffee at the base of a historic bridge in the city. Italy

7.”The milk bar really hasn’t just shut up shop overnight, its been happening for at least 40 years, but now it’s pretty rapid,” said Eamon Donnelly, the author of a coffee table book documenting Australian milk bars. Australia

8.”Your coffee preparer is happy to listen and make your drink the way you want it, if given the chance.” Arizona