[before] coffee’s night out > poet, Arielle Heyman


every creative has one or a few: the muse. And, she’s one of smdlr’s.


Musician, poet, can we call them the same or is there a difference?

On paper, no. I think music is poetic and poetry tends to have a lyrical quality to it. However, I personally approach music and poetry differently. I use them as different outlets. It almost feels like using a different part of my brain to compose music than when I am writing poems.

Are there ancillary tools you need to be in a writing space?

I feel like 90% of the time I am either curled up in the corner of a coffee shop to get out of my personal space or drinking wine and listening to Sigur Ros in bed. I think Sigur Ros, Explosions in The Sky, Cocteau Twins, and Philip Glass are my necessary writing background bands… I find silence ingratiating when I’m trying to write.

You are one of my known, and first, living creative muses. I know you have people you also love, can you share one with us and explain the feeling he/she inspires.

In terms of subjects I write about, no one knows they’re a muse of mine just yet so I would hate to out them!

So, I guess I just outed you as one of mine for those that didn’t know.

I find poetry to be my most private outlet. It’s the form I use to talk about things I really keep to myself. But in general people I love who inspire feelings. Its kind of cliche, and technically more than one person, but my parents as a unit I suppose. I love them exponentially- they’ve afforded me all they could and done the best they could with me as a child, which I am really grateful for. I am fiercely protective over them.

What made you say ‘Yes’  to being curated for Coffee’s Night Out?

I think its such a great concept! Coffee shops are safe havens for the creatively inclined in my mind. There was one in my home town next to a used CD and record store where I would write as a teen. They had weekly open mic nights and live music most nights. It was dope. Now I’m always hanging at Pushcart Coffee, the shop on my corner. It’s a comfortable place. Plus, I love the idea of bringing different types of creatives into one space. I’m excited to see/hear the works of the other people on the bill!

Arielle performs at Tar Pit Cafe.