The Couple to Know: Affogato

the couple




As if one needed a national day to celebrate the cold stuff that summer dreams are made of, ice cream.

Affogato, a coffee based desert needs no proper mealtime before it to have and enjoy. When paired exceedingly well, it is more than a dessert, it is an event.

Traditionally, it’s a scoop of vanilla ice cream topping a shot of espresso. However, one can opt for this classic flavor or a variation of many depending upon the options available at your local s’cream location.

Here are a few this culture looks to on a day when ice cream and espresso are officially a celebrated couple.


In the town where palm trees can incite a swaying of the body and a rising of ones heart, one could wonder what dessert pairing could do the same. Enter the Chinatown Scoops, a small chain in this growing specialty coffee metropolis. With standard flavors chilling and unusual ones finding company alongside next door neighbor Endorffeine, a visit here is sure to be adventure by two.


This vegan ice cream shop – Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream – started out as a truck. Its now expanded to brick and mortar locations throughout New York and expanded to the West Coast city of Los Angeles. Made from scratch, its ice cream arrives in classic and specialized flavors. Opting for the earl grey – a favorite of The Coffeetographer’s – with a balanced shot of Toby’s Estate espresso is like baes in the making.


From the comment mills and tales of local this intersection of specialty coffee that hails a traditional scoop of vanilla with espresso is deserving of a full stop.  At Eighth and Roast,  Cup of Excellence coffees are brewed and experimental mixes of ‘coffee and things’ are part of the house coffee program. Here, the adventure is yours for the ordering.